Dialogue & Nexus

This journal explores the relationship between modern science and Christianity.  This may be done by exploring the traditions, practices and doctrines of the church in light of new discovery; by bioethical discussions; or by considering a Christian response to the environment.

Vol 2 (2015)

Table of Contents


Editorial Volume 2 Untitled
Daniel Brannan


Miracles, Divine Action, and the Christian Perspective Untitled
Colton MxCoy
Evolution and The Fall Untitled
Andrew Tate
A Darwinian Look at Atonement Theory
A. Rachel Ritchie
A Darwinian Look at Atonement Theory Untitled
A. Rachel Ritchie
Categorizing the Complexity of the Origin of Consciousness Untitled
Lydia Brown
The Gift of Soul Untitled
Cory Holt
Downward Mobility: Rediscovering a Narrative of Justice Untitled
Josh Smith
A Political Theology of Ecological Action: Liberation of the Poor through Democratic Stewardship of Creation Untitled
Zach Snyder
The Ethical Viability of In Vitro Fertilization Untitled
Jack Hamilton